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Office of Faculty Recognition

Faculty Development and Advancement

Extraordinary Accomplishments Program

Revised Extraordinary Accomplishments Program

The Extraordinary Accomplishments Program was established in 2012 to recognize and reward faculty members whose scholarship and creative works earned them major honors and awards.  The awards bestowed on our faculty are important for their career development.  These awards also benefit the university as a whole by enhancing the stature of the university and moving us closer to our goal of being a Top 25 public university. 

While there is much to like about our Extraordinary Accomplishments Program, some adjustments are needed to make it financially sustainable as well as to address concerns that have arisen over the past few years about awards included, and not included, in this program.    

The following changes to the program will take effect August 2016:

  1. For “Highly Prestigious” awards, the salary increase will be $10,000 for the first award and $7,500 for subsequent awards.
  2. For “Prestigious” awards, the salary increase will be $2,500.
  3. For “Prestigious” awards that are also on the TARU list, a $2,500 bonus will be given in addition to the salary increase.
  4. Salary increases for “Prestigious” awards will be given only the first time that specific award is received.
  5. Bonuses, but not salary increases, will be given for repeat TARU awards.  
  6. Petitions for Alternative Exceptional Awards are suspended until further notice (last petition cycle closes 8/19/16). 

This fall, Provost McRorie will charge a faculty committee to review the current lists of awards for their prestige, impact, and disciplinary breadth.  The committee will then make recommendations about revisions to the awards lists.  The goal is to implement recommended changes to the lists next year.  Until then, salary increases for awards currently classified as “Highly Prestigious” and “Prestigious,” including those that have been added to the lists via petitions, will continue to be awarded, but with the changes noted above.  Changes to the program have no impact on the salary increases already awarded to faculty members via the Extraordinary Accomplishments Program.      

National Research Council Awards

The National Research Council has created four spreadsheets that contain a listing of Highly Prestigious and Prestigious awards, separated by discipline. For your convenience, these lists have been combined into an NRC Alphabetized Cumulative List.

For more information on the process used by the National Research Council to determine these awards, please visit

Alternative Exceptional Awards

This program is suspended until further notice. The last petition cycle closes 8/19/16.

Awards approved as the equivalent of “Highly Prestigious” include:

Awards approved as the equivalent of “Prestigious” include: 

To petition to have an award considered as an Alternative Exceptional Award, please use our Online Petition Submission System, located at

The deadlines for Fall 2016 Cycle 11 are as follows: 

  • Opened for petition submission: 1/17/2016 
  • Close date for submission: 8/19/2016 
  • Letter from professional colleague due: 8/19/2016 
  • Awards Committee is scheduled to meet: 10/31/2016